Precious Sarda .925 Sterling Silver Chrome Diopside French Wire Earrings

Triple Blessings

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Sarda jewelry, designed by Janyl Adair, is inspired by colors and scenery that the average person does not notice. With every piece of Sarda jewelry, there is a story, a scene, a moment. A picture in Janyl's mind's eye to share.

The craftsmanship for each piece of Sarda takes 6 months, 4 silversmiths and 1 designer.


About this precious earring:
--Gemstone: Chrome Diopside, oval, 7mm x 5mm Dangle Earrings
--Metal: Sterling Silver 0.9259
--Height: 2.1 inch
--Total Weight: Approximately 13.2 g
--1 pair of earrings

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