Anatomy of a Suit: First in a Series - Fit

Carlos Toledo

Some of the most common questions we hear are what are the differences between suit styles, fits, features, etc.

We’re hoping with this blog to be a quick reference to the different aspects of suits, blazers and pants. This will be the first in a series of blogs covering the important aspects of suits and hopefully an aid to making your choice.

Let’s start off with the most asked about feature and that is the different fits of suits. There are several different number of fits but the following are the main three.

Classic Fit.

Classic Fit Suit

As the name implies, the Classic Fit is just that, classic. It was a great style in the past and it continues to be great today. Truly a fit for all occasions whether it be a personal occasion or a business event, you can’t go wrong with this style.

It’s a comfortable fit with plenty of space in the chest and waist making it a comfortable yet clean fit.

The pants sit right at the waistline.


Modern Fit

Modern Fit Suit

The Modern Fit is a slightly more fashionable style than the Classic Fit with a little less material in the chest and waist giving the man a slimmer appearance.  A great suit for any occasion.

The pants of a Modern Fit sit at the waistline and have straighter legs than the Classic Fit.




Slim Fit

Slim Fit Suit

The name says it all. A Slim Fit jacket or suit is tighter around the body with less extra material. It should be close fitting but not tight enough so it looks like it was sprayed on.  Also referred to as an Italian or European Fit. Great for a slim build.

Pants generally sit below the waist and are tighter to the leg.




Note: Don’t be discouraged if the suit you purchased isn’t a perfect fit. Due to the vast variety of body shapes, almost all suits will eventually have to be taken to a tailor to be adjusted to the particular individual.