Anatomy of a Suit: Second of a Series - Style

Carlos Toledo

Welcome to the second in a series on the anatomy of a suit. In the first part we covered the types of fit. Now I’d like to cover the different styles of suits.

Single Breasted Suit

single breasted blazer

This is the all-time classic with a modern look that goes with anything and everything. Single breasted simply means that there is a small overlap of material between the right and left front sides with a row of buttons, usually two, that closes the front. These features tend to give the appearance of an elongated torso, making the wearer appear to be taller and slimmer. Generally comes with notch lapels. An extremely versatile style that is appropriate for most occasions.


Double Breasted Style

double breasted blazer

A more sophisticated style, which is perfect for business meetings or semi formal events such as evening parties or weddings. Double-breasted suits have a row of buttons set far from the edge, which requires the jacket to have large overlap of material when closing it. This wrapping of the jacket gives the appearance of a thin, svelte figure. It typically comes peak lapels which emphasizes broad shoulders.



Unstructured Blazer Style

Unstructured Style

While not technically a suit but a blazer, the unstructured jacket is popular with younger men. This style is usually has no lining or shoulder pads which makes it very roomy and comfortable. The loose fit drapes over the body giving the wearer a loose fit. The extra room allows for more clothing to be worn underneath. This jacket is perfect for the more casual, laid back occasion.